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There was the power of the three (yes I looked at the TV show Charmed) today I talk to you about the power of the 7. How a ring “little naked lady” gives birth to 7 other “little naked ladies”. It’s a great story about a women’s tribe wearing the same ring. There is no stone in today’s story, but I think you will enjoy reading this story.

It’s Mathilde who told me this story, I’m letting you know about her work at the end of the article.



Technical info

Period: The story begins in 2002

Metal: 18k gold, silver and brass

Gemstones: no stone this time

Interview with the carrier

Can you tell us a bit more about the moment you received it? Who offered it to you? And why? 

I received it in 2002 from my sister-in-law. She bought a brass plated ring on a market in Thailand.

She had a big crush on that ring, and made a copy in gold, then offered me the original. I loved this ring so much that for my 25 years birthday my father gave me his signet ring and his wedding ring to make a gold copy. He knew that I am faithful to my loves even in my choice of perfume or jewelry. I have some fantasy pieces but mostly what I like is for life.

It’s my grandmother knows a couple of jewelers, whom took care of doing the work.At this stage half of my family is already involved in the history of this jewel. I send the original to one of my sisters, there was no more gold in the family, so she made herself a silver ring then transmit the brass one to our mother. The latter goes on a trip to India with the ring. She takes the opportunity to meet jeweler craftsmen on site to make four more copies in silver, for herself, my second sister, my niece and my daughter.

Now we all have the same ring, it’s a story of heirloom, sorority, female clan.

What do you prefer in this jewel?

There are so many things I like about so many different aspect in this little naked lady. I like the details hidden inside the ring. It’s a ring that has an exterior and an interior, everything is design.

The fact that it is made with the gold of the alliance and the signet ring of my father makes it even more important to me. She carries the story of my family and I know that someday my daughter will wear it instead of her silver copy. The idea of transmission and heirloom speaks to my daughter and me.

And then it’s a physical link between all the women in my family.

How do you feel when you wear this ring ?

I feel absolutely naked when I do not wear it.


Little naked lady

Little naked lady

Little naked lady



Do you wear it with other rings? If yes, which ones?

Yes, of course since I never remove it. As this is my first “real” jewel, it sets the tone for the choice of my other pieces, I chose them all in yellow gold. I might be tempted by a mixed white and yellow gold coin next time.

A special memory with this ring?

For the Christmas of her 14 years my daughter received her silver ring. It was a very strong moment for her as for me. The idea of belonging to a family both through the generations and horizontally with her cousin touched her deeply. It’s an important ring, which she wears like me every day.

Mathilde who shared with us this beautiful story of sorority and heirloom is a photographer. I worked with her for my new profile pictures and I loved it. It was not the first time I took pictures with a photographer; it’s not an easy exercise and Mathilde has this magical thing that makes everything easier. I am very happy with my photos which was not an easy thing to do. To go see her work I invite you to go to her website:

his website:www.mathildevaccaro (dot) com




You enjoyed this story and would like to work on a unique piece of jewelery, participating in your story.

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