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Let me introduce you to Laura Beaubrun. I’ve known her for quite some time, we’ve study together for a few years. We’ve lost touch with each other, but through social media we keep following each other. I love what she’s doing. She’s an amazing artist and dancer. She is part of a family of musicians, dancers, singers, together they create pieces art that marry different skills, different generations. It’s powerful and magical.

Through her bracelet, she tells us about the spiritual mother and the mother-daughter bond. She talks about the sense of belonging beyond the seas, and the cultures. I’ll let you discover her talisman bracelet.

Technical info

Time : end of 90s

Jeweler: native American silversmith

Metal : most probably silver

Gemstones: Turquoise and probably spondylus. It’s a shell used in jewelry by Native Americans.

Cut : Cabochon cut

Interview with the carrier

Can you tell us about the moment you received the ring ? Who gave it to you ?

It was offered to me by my mom, when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have always worn it on me. I received it on a trip from my mother. My parents are musicians, they went to the Winnipeg festival in Canada. There were several stands of Native American craftsmen. My mother bought it there. I think she bought this bracelet for herself at first then offered it to me.I do not know exactly why she offered me this bracelet her intention but it is the gesture that counts. The gesture says everything, the gesture of offering, the gesture creats the bond, maintain the bond between my mother and me.It has a very important symbolism for me since it is my intimate link with my mother, the mother-daughter bond.I have always been very sensitive to Amerindian creations and their symbolism. By this bracelet I feel also connected to this very rich culture.



What do you like most about this bangle?

This bangle is very simple, there is no attachment. It is easy to put on and take off while fitting perfectly to my wrist. I’m never afraid to lose it.Also, I love the colors of this jewel, the color of the sea, the sky, the color of the earth, the color of the red earth of Haiti. These are shades of color typical of the Amerindian people, I also found them in Santa Fe.


How do you feel when you wear this piece of jewelry?

I feel a kind of protection when I wear it, the protective force of the mother and her spiritual power. It’s a psychological level.I do not remove it. I take a shower with; I sleep with but sometimes I remove it to put some cream, but I put it back immediately. I never forget it. If it happened, I went to search for it immediately. It’s been 22 years that I wear it every day.It gives me a sense of protection and connection.


Do you wear this bangle with others piece of jewelry? If yes which one?

I wear little other jewelry. I wear my bracelet for any occasion, in everyday life, like wedding days.


Do you have a specific memory you would like to share about this ring?

From time to time, it happens that someone asks me about my bracelet. I do not really have answers, but it always makes me aware of my connection with the Native American people, my mother and the spiritual mother.

Did you like this story and would you like to create a special piece of jewelry for your mom or daughter?

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