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Today, it’s an interview about another ring that is important to me. It’s not mine but a design I did for my mother four years ago. We talked about it, but it was a gift I planned to offer as a surprise. I spent a lot of energy to make sure it was the right piece for her.

From time to time, you probably ask yourself, how do I find the perfect gift? My mum and I discussed the ring and the stone before I made the design in secret. I knew the stone I bought was the perfect color and the dimension was right for her. It was big enough for a “wow” effect, but not too big that it would turn around on her finger. I knew her ring size, but I still had so many things to work out.

Are you also looking for the perfect present to please you and the person who will receive it?


Technical info


Time: 2015

Jeweler: Antigone Strumans

Metal: 18k yellow gold

Gemstone: Emerald green tourmaline; some really tiny inclusions are visible on the side. They are called needle and are typical of tourmaline.

Cut: This tourmaline is faceted in an emerald cut, which means it is rectangle with cut corners and step shape facet. It’s very typical on tourmaline and on emerald.


The tourmaline ring with 4 years of patina

Interview with the carrier


Can you tell us about the moment you received the ring ? Who gave it to you ?


I received it as a Christmas present from my daughter, Antigone, during one of her trips to Switzerland. We talked about jewelry and the kind of gemstones I like while I was visiting her in Thailand. The exact shape wasn’t discussed; it was a surprise.



As you and I talk about the jewelry before I started working on it, what was your intention? What did you want this ring to inspire for you?


It’s difficult to say I expected something concrete. At the beginning, I was looking for an emerald because of the healing symbolism of the deep green color. But Antigone told me emeralds are delicate and brittle; they are not intended for daily wear. I followed her lead and went for a tourmaline, as this gemstone could show the fantastic green I was looking for.



How do you feel when you wear this ring ?


I have not taken this ring off my hand since I received it. The healing symbolism is very important to me, and I prefer to wear my stone than to keep it in a box in a closet or in a safe.



Do you wear this ring with others bands ? If yes, which one ?


As I wear it daily, most of the time, I have others rings on, such as my signet ring.



Do you have a specific memory you would like to share about this ring ?


I have an exact memory of my grandma’s emerald ring. Even though it’s a tourmaline, this ring is very similar, and I am thrilled about it.


A word to finish this article: I learned many things about my mom’s obsession for the deep green while writing this post. I did understand what I had to look for, but it’s while writing this post I understood why. What is important when we are looking for a present is the part that will make the difference. For my mother, it was the memory of her grandma’s ring and the symbolism behind the emerald green color.