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Maud's engagement ring

Description of the piece of jewelry

To start this blog, I want to tell you the story of one of my own rings. This is a way to let you get to know me more. I wear this ring nearly every day. This ring is part of my husband’s family story; my son or his cousin will have it as heirloom.

It’s a ring from 1930, in white and yellow gold with a stunning spinel. One important feature is that it’s totally handmade. It became rare. At that time the casting technique was not really used. The advantage of handmade jewelry is that it’s much more resistant to shock and the shank part is very elegant.

Technical info

Time: 1928

Jeweler: the hallmark is unfortunately unreadable; maybe a jeweler from Switzerland.

Metal: White gold, for the setting part and yellow  gold for the shank.

Gemstone: Blue Spinel, a quiet unknown gemstone. This type of blue might be confused with aquamarine, or some light blue sapphire. Pink and red can be confuse with sapphire and rubies. Often Spinel show a tint of grey.

Cut: It’s an emerald cut shape, the pavilion is cut in an unusual way, with trapezoid facet.

Interview with the carrier

Can you tell us about the moment you received the ring? Who gave it to you?

I received it during the holiday season in 2016 from my parent-in-law, some months after our wedding and the birth of our son. My husband dislikes jewelry and we are not at all about a big wedding ceremony. We did not exchange rings.

Conversely, my father-in-law loves jewelry. He chose and gave many beautiful pieces to my mother-in-law. He was a little sad that I didn’t receive an engagement ring. They gave me the ring to mark my official entry in their family. I don’t know whether my farther-in-law or I was the most affected. It’s a sweet memory.

Did the ring belong to someone else before you? Do you know it’s story?

Yes, it was the engagement ring from my grandparent-in-law, Maud and Antoine. I didn’t meet them. But I know that Antoine proposed to Maud in Montreux, Switzerland. The family story tells that Antoine’s father allowed a pretty specific budget to this ring. My grand-father-in-law was working but at that time parents used to contribute to this type of purchase.

After their wedding they went on honeymoon to Lake Maggiore. Unfortunately, when they came back the 1929 crash happened, and they had to be very careful with their expenses.

I think that this ring represents well this era between the two world wars. I am glad that this is not a diamond; it’s kind of an #alternativebridal before the trend.

Did you already know this piece of jewelry prior to receiving it?

I never saw it. My mother-in-law never wore this ring.

How do you feel wearing this jewel?

I feel more adult and readier to take action. I think the ring is very elegant, and tiny bit outmoded. The spinel is so gorgeous. Also, the blue color is my favorite.

The fact that this ring is a part of my husband’s history and that it was an engagement ring make it special to me. I love the idea that I am wearing simultaneously a part of my husband’s family story and a little part of History too.

What is a special memory with this ring?

My family-in-law always thought it was an aquamarine. All my friend in the market are always asking me what is this stone? Is it a sapphire? I always confidently answering no it’s an aquamarine. This stone has a lot of brilliancy, and the luster is a little too good to be an aquamarine, but exceptions are possible. Then just to be sure before publishing this article I checked and realized it is a Spinel. Which is a very nice surprise and add a layer to the story.