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I am super happy and excited to share my little sister’s interview. When I had shared a photo of the process you had shown a lot of curiosity, here is the final result. Some photos date from the production of the ring others had just been taken. We see the patina of the years.

When I offered the ring to her, she called it “punk Princess” ring, although I am not sure that the two terms fit in the same sentence, I find that it describes the ring well and especially my sister. I admire her very much for her ability to pursue her dreams until the end. She knows how to take risks and move forward, and she is terribly independent. She is an artist, you will find at the end of the article a link to her website and her Instagram profile. 


Technical info

Time : 2015

Jeweler: Antigone Strumans

Metal : 18k yellow and white gold

Gemstones: Tsavorite garnet, they are coming from Tanzania

Cut : Those little tsavorite are pentagram step cut, they were coming from an 8 stones lot, all slightly different.


The ring with 4 years of patina

The ring with 4 years of patina

The ring with 4 years of patina

Interview with the carrier

Can you tell us when you received it? And who offered it to you?

I received this ring on the occasion of my 28 years, on behalf of my sister.

What do you like most about this jewelry?

What I like about this jewel is its uniqueness and that it has been thought for me. My sister, who designed this ring, told me that she was inspired by an artist who thinks jewelry as weapons. I like the idea of carrying a weapon with which I could defend myself, a weapon of seduction and protection.

Note: I can’t find the exact quote but I’m sure I was talking about a quote from Iris Apfel.

How do you feel when you wear this jewel?

This one adds me value, when I wear this ring, I have the impression that it attracts attention. People regularly ask me about its story. I guess they notice quite quickly that this jewel is not common. This ring is particular, it has a story and makes me special.


Picture of the ring before soldering and setting

White gold band before soldering the yellow gold part

3D rendering looking for the right shape

Do you wear it with another rings? And if so which ones?

I sometimes wear this ring with others especially a ring that my brother offered me. I like it combined with other rings on the other hand, including a ring that comes from my great-grandmother and another offered by my friends for my 30 years. I like to have a lot of rings or hardly have any. All or nothing!

Any particular memories with this ring?

I have some memories with this ring, especially that of a night escape to join a party in a forest. We climbed a big barrier to cross a park I also had to pass my bike over the barrier. We have through half the forest with only a small flashlight. I like the idea that in case of a problem, I could have defended myself with my ring by a good right hook with these beautiful gems well carved.


As promise at the beginning Aurélie’s Instagram and her website.