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You are looking for a bit of sweetness, and you need to read a beautiful love story? You are at the right place.

The most wonderful stories are made of special moments, strong and lovely ones. When we remember them, we can levitate a bit above the others, the sun shines a bit more intensively, and sometimes, we are transported by a storm of pink cherry blossoms.

I might be doing too much, but this story really made me smile, and I am happy to share it with you.

Has one of your jewels a beautiful story, or a great symbolic value? Come and tell me then, I’d love to interview you.



Technical info

Time : 2003

Jeweler: Jean Marc GAREL

Metal : Yellow gold probably 18k

Gemstones: I could not test the stones but what it most likely is corundum or in common language multicolored sapphires, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange. They are oval, classic cut probably mixed cut.


Interview with the carrier

Can you tell us a bit more about the moment you received it? Who offered it to you? And why? 

15 years ago, my boyfriend, who then became my husband, offered me this ring for my birthday. I was really happy since it was my first « real » ring, not a gold plated one. This ring was a real declaration of love. My boyfriend was leaving to finish his studies more than 800 kilometers far from there. We felt concerned by the impacts of the distance on our relationship. This gift reassured me concerning our feelings.


What do you prefer in this jewel?

I value this ring a lot. For me, it is more a symbol than a color, a shape… I wear it every day. It reminds me of the strength of our feelings, and sends me back to the precise day I received it. If I don’t wear it, I do not feel good, I feel empty. When I wear it, I feel safe.


How do you feel when you wear this ring ?

I feel safe and serene.






Do you wear it with other rings? If yes, which ones?

I wear it with my wedding ring and my engagement ring, which I never leave.


Did you already know this jewel before receiving it?

Yes and no. My boyfriend was hesitating concerning the color of the gems. The jeweler had suggested this one, with multicolored sapphires, and the same only with blue sapphires. He had sent me pictures to ask me what I preferred before offering it to me. I remember I have even asked my Mom’s opinion. Like all the mothers, she answered me I had to make my choice. These were both wonderful. My boyfriend liked the multicolored one, thinking I could easily associate it with all my clothes.

I think I would have preferred a complete surprise, I really didn’t expect a ring.


A special memory with this ring?

When I received it, I was really young and quiet. I was feeling both embarrassed and happy when he offered it to me. To my entourage’s dismay, I am not expressive when I receive a present, but I want to vanish… Which does not prevent me from fully enjoying the moment, I like receiving gifts.


Aurélie is the founder of “Aurélie Jaccob Consulting”. She helps entrepreneurs manage their communication and conflict with customers or employees. She is also an expat mother in Lisbon. You can follow her on Facebook. She made several videos with lots of conflict management tips and tricks.